If you wouldn’t mind…

It is a lovely bother; a convenient inconvenience. I must say, I like it. Because disliking something is pleasurable. It gives one permission to like what one likes even more when a dislike comes to the fore so intently. Not ardently, just intently. For now, anyway. My positively negative emotions may as well be directed towards something intentionally. Negative emotions will be displaced otherwise. And I am too emotional for displaced emotions.

I used it all the time, previously. And so it is. Because it was not.

You see, I got depressed. I got the ball. I got post. I got hold of her. I got an idea. I got engaged. I got paid. I got groceries. I got going. I got results. I got hungry. I got tickets. I got presents. I got [annual] leave. I got membership.

I got lazy.

It’s a terrible word, don’t you agree? ‘Got’, and its incestual relative, ‘get’. A recently-introduced, small, two-headed family, made up by the laziest of all English speakers, I’m sure. It does not contribute meaning towards the noun or verb in a manner that is complementary or complimentary: it does not contribute to the sentence at all. It is the most hideous of words, that ‘g*t’.

You will notice it now too, I hope. Why, if there was one word that ought to be eliminated from spoken and written language, it is not a four-letter word in my mind. This three-letter word is far more offensive to speakers, writers, listeners and readers. Why ‘get’ when you can collect? Or gain, or grow? Better yet, why not purchase, since that is what happened? You imagined? Well say it. Did you apply? Well, hello! It requires a little more mental energy and a diplomatic appreciation for truth, granted. Word selection becomes more deliberate, and how very beautiful that is.

It’s not everybody’s resident dislike; it’s mine. Although if it could be everyones’, I would really appreciate it.


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